Engaged: Scott & Erin

I've been dreaming of warm weather since January, imagining the day when the snow would finally melt and I could see our grass again (which by the way, seemed nearly impossible). A day when ice cream would become enjoyable rather than serve as a reminder of the ferocious winter. But now, the air couldn't feel better and the grass couldn't be any greener. Old Wethersfield was the perfect backdrop for Erin and Scott's engagement shoot. A charming town and the perfect place for an afternoon stroll arm-in-arm with your main squeeze, your pup, and favorite ice cream cone!

Scott & Erin- Thank you so much for making the trip up to Wethersfield! It was so great getting to spend time with you both. Have a wonderful Summer! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys again in just a few months!! 

Love, Lacey